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Could your pet use a bit of a makeover? Schedule a grooming appointment with us today!


Pet Grooming in Winterville, NC 28590

At Winterville Animal Care, professional grooming is an essential service for many of our canine patients—and some cats, too! Grooming helps pets maintain a healthy coat and skin. As a medically trained staff, we can detect skin abnormalities, including lumps and bumps, parasites, infections, and more.

Dog Bath

Our Professional Pet Grooming Services
in Winterville, NC

As professional groomers, we can do much more than bathe and pamper your pup. We know the details of breed-specific cuts and have the experience to give every pet a low-stress experience with gentle, expert handling.

Here’s a list of grooming services you can get from our professional groomer:

  • Bath, brush, and blowout
  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Breed-specific cuts
  • Bandanas and bows
  • Anal gland expression
  • Cat grooming

What Are the Benefits of Grooming Your Cat or Dog?

Grooming is more than an aesthetic service. It offers numerous health benefits that improve your pet’s overall well-being.

Some benefits of grooming include:

  • It helps to remove dead skin, dirt, oils, and allergens from the skin and coat, all of which could cause irritation if left alone.
  • Grooming helps your pet get more comfortable with being handled, which can make home grooming and even veterinary visits a little easier!
  • Taking your pet to a professional allows us to perform an in-depth exam of their coat and skin, which helps us more readily identify (and treat!) any skin issues, such as fleas, mites, allergies, if present infections, or other problems.
  • It significantly reduces shedding, so your home can remain a little less furry.
  • Grooming also helps to reduce matting, which can be painful and pull on the skin.