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Pet Exam

Pet Exams in Winterville, NC 28590

Cats and dogs age faster than we do, meaning their health problems can develop faster too. Winterville Animal Care believes in preventive medicine that avoids serious illness altogether. Annual cat and dog exams are the cornerstones of preventive care as they allow us to keep up with your pet’s changing needs, detect early signs of illness, and get them the treatment they need before the problem worsens.

pet exam

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Annual Exam

Winterville Animal Care recognizes that every pet is an individual, so we tailor our wellness care to suit their unique needs. Many exams will include similar services; however, we’ll work with you to deliver a customized wellness plan that meets your pet’s needs and addresses your concerns.

Typical services we perform at cat and dog exams include:

  • A nose-to-tail physical looking for abnormalities in the skin, checking your pet’s eyes, ears, and nose, and listening to their heart and lungs
  • Fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites
  • Deworming, if needed (often necessary for puppies and kittens)
  • Age-appropriate bloodwork to establish a baseline for health and detect abnormalities
  • Vaccinations
  • Annual Bloodwork, including Heartworm testing and Tick-borne disease screening.
  • Urinalysis to check the health of your pet’s kidneys

Why Annual Bloodwork is So Important

Cats and dogs can’t tell us when they start to feel ill. Plus, they are often very good at hiding signs of illness until the disease is much more advanced (and harder to treat).

With annual bloodwork, we can develop a comprehensive medical history of your pet and establish its baseline health, making it easier to detect subtle changes that could indicate disease in the future.

Bloodwork often involves the analysis of different components of the blood, like white and red blood cells, protein levels, glucose levels, and so much more. Each element of your pet’s blood corresponds to a different organ or organ system and can tell us quite a bit about how all their organs function.