Helpful Links to Pet Health Resources

Your pet’s health care goes far beyond our four walls. You care for them day in and day out, and we want to make sure you have the resources to give them the very best care possible. Check out our helpful links to pet health resources below and don’t hesitate to contact us at (252) 355-7504 for more insight!

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Pet Poison Control Resources

Ingestion of a toxic substance is one of the most common causes of pet emergencies. In the event your pet eats something toxic, call one of the poison control centers below:

For more insight into pet poisoning and what you can do to prevent it, check out these resources:

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Pets

Toxic Search List

Local Resources

Educational Links

Ohio State University’s Indoor Pet Initiative – Resources to help enrich your dog’s and cat’s lives.

American Association of Feline Practitioner’s Cat Friendly Caregiver – Tips for creating a healthy, stimulating environment for your indoor cat.

Veterinary Partner – A compilation of pet health resources covering numerous health and behavioral topics.

Pet Health Network – Another collection of pet health resources covering many different topics.

Getting Your Cat to the Vet – Tips from AAFP about making your cat’s journey to the vet as stress-free as possible.

Traveling with Your Pet – FAQs from the AVMA about traveling with your pet.

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